This Company Will Bring a 40-Person Pop-up Bar to Your Wedding

It's basically a rustic mini-farmhouse with booze.

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The Philly Yard Bar is not your typical renovated camper turned tricked-out party bar. Run by Plymouth-Meeting-based husband and wife team Andy and Kerri Marin, the 30-foot-long rustic Philly Yard Bar, which launched in 2018, brings the cozy setting of an indoor pub to any outdoor event — rain or shine. 

Picture a mini-farmhouse with chic wooden walls, elegant seating, and artful lights. But it’s surprisingly spacious: the bar fits up to 40 of your guests on the elevated deck and interior, which spans 20 by 16.5 feet. Guests can stand and mingle or perch themselves atop wooden bar stools set around high-top tables and enjoy amenities like a flat screen TV and a professional sound system. The Yard Bar system is also self-sustaining, so you can put it anywhere: it has its own generator and running water. (If you’re looking for more bar trailer ideas, check out these two.)

The best part? It has a retractable awning. “Last year, almost every event, it rained,” says Marin, “We can operate unless it’s a hurricane, tornado, or blizzard.”

Dave Bigler Photos and Films

Kerri and her husband, Andy, team up with local vendors and breweries to provide a unique menu for each event. The bar is BYOB, but the couple can collaborate with clients to think up cocktail recipes and help them figure out how much to purchase — they assist with everything except the actual buying. You might have seen Philly Yard Bar pop up recently at the Citizens Bank Park Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Festival or the Juneteenth festival in Germantown.

 “If you can imagine it somewhere, it can probably go there,” says Kerri Marin, “It’s even been on top of a boat!” The company is also expanding to other cities — Andy and Kerri Marin’s business partner runs a New York Yard Bar, and they’re beginning to branch into Florida. If you’re interested in renting one for your event, get in touch on their website.  Prices typically range between $1200 and $1800. 

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