Cescaphe Will Offer a Special Large-Capacity Tented Wedding Option in 2018 at Water Works

The beautiful Water Works. Photo by Melissa Kelly.

The beautiful Water Works. Photo by Melissa Kelly.

Cescaphe announced around this time two years ago that they would be taking over the historic Water Works Restaurant & Lounge and turning it into their sixth wedding and events venue, Water Works.

They’ve been up and running there since last year—with a variety of event spaces and capacities to suit a variety of parties and receptions—and now, there’s a new development regarding their largest event option on the property’s famed Mill House Deck.

In the spring and fall of 2018—specifically, April, May, June, September and October—Cescaphe will book tented weddings for up to 400 people on the Mill House Deck for only the cost of the usual price-per-person, valet and a $2,500 City of Philadelphia permit fee. (Mill House can be seen in the above photo all the way on the left; it’s the patio extending out over the water. It can be seen tented, below.)

A tented wedding on the Mill House Deck. Photo by Susan Beard.

A tented wedding on the Mill House Deck. Photo by Susan Beard.

This is a kind of pop-up pricing deal; normally if a couple books their wedding on the Mill House Deck (and they can at any time, not just the aforementioned five months), they’ve got to pay for all of the tent and equipment rentals to throw such a large party outdoors—and the prices just for that tend to start at around $70,000. During this special time, Cescaphe will absorb those costs, and couples’ bills will appear as if they held their wedding in any other event space at the sprawling Water Works.

The reception itself will be Cescaphe’s usual party: six hours (with an extra half hour if you do your ceremony on-site) with a top-shelf open bar and loads of fantastic food. Prices and details for the Mill House pop-up break down like this:

  • Fridays: 200-guest minimum at $180 per person
  • Saturdays: 250-guest minimum at $225 per person
  • Sundays: 175-guest minimum at $160 per person
  • Valet: $1,295
  • City permit fee: $2,500
  • On-site ceremony fee: $1,895 (includes an additional half hour added to the party, staff and valet services, ceremony set up and room turnover, and ceremony coordination)

If you’re planning your wedding for the Mill House-pop-up months in 2018 and want to check out this space (and the views!), you can email info@cescaphe.com or call 215-238-5750 to set up a time to do just that. Happy planning!

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