Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring Latta Latta

Just yesterday I was walking through my apartment complex when I noticed handmade signs taped up around the entrancessomeone had lost their wedding ring. Although I’m not yet engaged, the thought immediately made my heart sink: It must be such a terrible feeling to lose something so precious, especially in the instances when you can’t quite remember when and where you had it last.

Those thoughts came back to me this morning when I stumbled upon this Vogue article, which details everything you need to know about taking perfect care of that new sparkler on your left hand. This isn’t just your average piece of jewelry after all, so it’s important to get into the habit of treating it properly.

One note we’d like to add to that last part: If you choose to take your ring off while you’re at the beach, going swimming or doing everyday things like washing the dishes, please make it a point to only ever put it in the same exact spot. Grab one (or a few) of these ring dishes to have in your home so you always know where your ring is when it’s not on your finger.

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