Going to a Wedding Saturday Night? Here’s How to Not Be Hungover for Easter Morning

stock_colors | iStockphoto

stock_colors | iStockphoto

It’s always a bit disconcerting when two big things on your weekend calendar fall on a Saturday night and a Sunday morning. If you have a bit too much fun at your event on Saturday evening, it can threaten the potential fun of the morning after’s event, and this weekend, readers, we are guessing there might be more than a few of you with a wedding on your Saturday-night docket—and then some sort of Easter brunch/church/egg-hunt extravaganza with the family in the a.m. hours the next morning. You might be feeling a bit worried. (We might be right there with ya.)

So, we turned to our buds over at Be Well Philly and were like, “Hey guys, do you have any expert hangover advice we could share with our readers?” And they were all, “Um, yes!” Because as it turns out, just today they rounded up five fresh Philly juices that are perfect for refueling after a long night (you’ll need something to wash all that Advil down with, yes?) and setting you on the right path to feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (or at least, you know, standing up vertically).

And, just for good measure, here, too, is the advice they gathered from five Philly bartenders on what each of them do to help when they find themselves in a hangover situation.

Put it all together—from the juice to the hair o’ the dog—and here’s hoping you’ll be smiling gamely and wearing your best pastels with the rest of your family come Easter morning, no matter how hard you celebrated your friends’ nuptials the night before.

Got a tried-and-true trick? Share it with the group below.

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