This Bizarre Invention Will Help You Pee While Wearing Your Wedding Dress

Your bridesmaids will thank you.

My wedding dress, from Inbal Dror's Fall 2015 collection. | Photo courtesy of the designer.

My wedding dress, from Inbal Dror’s Fall 2015 collection. | Photo courtesy of the designer.

Friends, that above is my wedding dress. (In white instead of nude, and with the v-neck hiked up an inch or two so as to not shock my two grandmothers into cardiac arrest.) The skirt is made up of approximately 1,500,000 layers of tulle. It took four alteration sessions to hem them all into submission, and many a practice lap around The Wedding Shoppe to ensure that I could gracefully glide around, all bridal-like, without having to stoop and gather half of them up in my arms before taking a step.

I got that down by my last fitting—but then: How the heck was I going to pee?

In my mind, this was going to be a ridiculous struggle that involved me interrupting no less than four of my girlfriends to hike it off the dance floor, out of the reception and into the bathroom down the hall, say, every twenty minutes or so (my usual schedule when the champagne is flowing).

In reality, it wasn’t that bad—when I found myself in the loo with one of my bridesmaids before cocktail hour began we bravely decided to give it a go, just the two of us, and succeeded beautifully, so I only had to drag one girl off with me each time. (Plus, you really do not drink as much champagne when the wedding is your own as you do when attending one, I am here to tell you.)

Leading up to my wedding, this trick that I had written about a few years ago actually did come to mind—but as ingenious as it is, it’s also quite unrealistic, unless you have a private bathroom at your disposal for the duration of your wedding day in which to keep stashed a giant trash bag. But this—this!—you guys, I actually think could really work. It’s a new invention called the Bridal Buddy. Take a look:

Now, my initial reaction is that this handy little thing (which costs $59.95 and comes in petite or average/tall) is not going to work under all dresses, and of course, I haven’t tried it, so who really knows—but this is a much better option than a trash bag, that’s for sure. I actually think this would have fit invisibly under all of my tulle, and even let me, um, go on my own during those moments when I found myself retouching my gloss in the bathroom without a lady friend in sight.

Bonus: The inventor, Heather Stenlake, is from the nearby Lehigh Valley! She spent years working at a bridal salon, helping girls who, after choosing their dresses, would fret aloud about how they were going to use the bathroom in such an ensemble. Now, she’s finally got a pretty great answer.

If you try it, please—do tell.

{h/t: Cosmo UK}

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