PW’s Editor Got Married!

That's us, just after our ceremony! Photo by Alison Conklin

That’s us, just after our ceremony! Photo by Alison Conklin

Hi, guys! Happy new year!

Sorry, I guess you probably stopped saying that about two weeks ago—but I haven’t yet said it to you, my readers, because I just got back here to PW after a month-long absence. I did a lot while I was gone, but probably the best part? On New Year’s Eve, I got married!

I also moved, managed to get myself together in time to celebrate Christmas, unpacked, packed, and spent two glorious weeks in Hawaii, but yeah, I would say that getting married took the (butter pound with chocolate chips) cake. I’ve got a shiny new byline, and when my brain fog clears a bit, I imagine I’ll have a few stories to tell.

In the meantime, it was a magical night, as the fab folks at CinemaCake somehow managed to capture in a mere two minutes and 38 seconds. They put together a “coming soon trailer” for their videographer clients, so you’ve got some taste of your day before the entire video is ready a few months later—and let me tell you, it is special to be able to see it just a few days after your wedding, when you’re lounging on your honeymoon with your person. Below, I’m sharing ours.

So I’m back, and I’ll be easing my way back into things around here—but in the meantime, I just wanted to say hi. Hope your wedding planning is going well! I’m here to tell you—beyond a shadow of a doubt, now—that all of it really is worth it.

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