4 Ways to Treat & Soothe Dry Winter Hands So You Can Show Off That Ring

Because it's no fun showing off your engagement ring with cracked knuckles.



Right before I sat down to hash out this post, I—for the fourth time already today—took off all of my rings and slathered my hands with a huge dollop of lotion. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me (I’m one of those people who can’t take a shower without moisturizing themselves from head to toe afterwards), but during the brutal cold-weather months, it’s particularly necessary that I have a little bottle of hand cream on me at all times.

It’s likely that your hands, too, take a beating when it’s chilly and windy out—and dry, cracked knuckles are not a good look when you’re trying to show off that new sparkler on your finger.

So today’s mission: to help you de-winterize your digits and get them back in tip-top shape so you can display your engagement ring proudly. The following tips should do the trick:

  • DIY an exfoliating scrub: Exfoliation is the first step towards smoother hands, says Naomi Fenlin of Philly’s About Face Skincare, and homemade sugar scrubs are a relaxing way to slough off dead skin and remove roughness. This recipe, which features yummy raw honey, is simple to whip up and the perfect way to prep your hands for a great moisturizer. (Psst: Coconut oil is a lovely substitution for honey.)
  • Slap on a sheet mask: You know those Korean beauty-inspired sheet masks that have been all the rage lately? I’m a huge fan of ’em, and was super excited when Karuna launched versions for your hands and feet. For your hands, they’ve got both a hydrating and an age-defying option, and I can say from experience that both products do wonders for bringing moisture and softness back to parched skin. Plus, the glove-shaped masks are mess-free and very easy to wear, so you can go about your business while the serum works its magic.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: When choosing a solid hand cream, Fenlin says to look for hyaluronic acid—it’s a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that’s naturally found in our bodies and is vital for plump, supple skin (you’ll find it in About Face’s Enriched Hand + Body Cream, which is PW editor Carrie’s favorite). If you like, you can toss a pair of cotton gloves on at bedtime to ensure that the product (slather on a good, thick layer) stays on your skin and doesn’t rub off onto your sheets.
  • For more serious cases, try a treatment: When lotions and scrubs aren’t quite strong enough, Fenlin suggests photorejuvination—a laser treatment that reverses sun damage, builds collagen and smooths the texture of your skin. Dermal fillers can also be used to add volume back into your hands.

Now that your hands are on the road to recovery, read up on how you can nail the perfect bridal manicure—and then the perfect engagement-ring selfie.

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