Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Taking the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Lauren Conrad, shooter of an excellent engagement ring selfie | @LAURENCONRAD/INSTAGRAM

Lauren Conrad, shooter of an excellent engagement ring selfie | @LAURENCONRAD/INSTAGRAM

We’re not sure exactly when the term “ring selfie” became a widespread thing, but it is, without a doubt, now a right of passage for any gal who finds herself with some new left hand bling. (Whether or not you post it all over social media, or just send it out to your close friends and family, of course, is up to you). In fact, the trend is so popular that people are actually getting plastic surgery to ensure that their hand looks flawless for the picture. Extreme, right?

Though we don’t suggest going the surgical route, we’re all for the little tips and tricks that’ll guarantee a nice ring pic (because hands aren’t always very photogenic, are they?). Whether it’s choosing the right lighting or finding a cool backdrop, there are plenty of ways to make sure your ring selfie is share-worthy—so here are six so-easy suggestions that any bride-to-be can handle.

Also included alongside those tips are two apps that allow you to photoshop your hand to perfection. (Um, and we didn’t even know that digital hand makeovers existed, so if you give one of these a go, please report back.)

Now that you’re an expert on how to take a gorgeous ring picture, snap away and show us your bling! We’d love to feature your sparkler and your engagement story on the blog as part of our PW Reader Ring series!

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