Don’t Worry, You Guys: There Is Now “Hand-Lift” Plastic Surgery to Make Your Hand Look Perfect for Those Engagement-Ring Selfies 

Show us your ring selfie! @LAURENCONRAD/INSTAGRAM

Show us your ring selfie! @LAURENCONRAD/INSTAGRAM

Today from the Department of Whatttttttt, kids, we have news to tell you of what some ladies are doing these days to make sure their engagement ring selfies—which we very much enjoy here at PW!—are as absolutely gorgeous as can be, and it has nothing to do with manicures, diamond cleaning, or any of the ring photo-snapping tips we’ve shared with you before.

What it does have to do with are doctors, surgeries, and $1,200 bills: it’s a hand-lift!

The Gloss points us to news of this procedure, performed by Dr. Ariel Ostad in NYC, which promises to “restore and replenish lost volume in the hands, giving it a fuller and younger look for the picture perfect selfie.”

“What we’re doing today is basically using a filler called juvederm and it lasts nine months,” Dr. Ostad said. “What we want to achieve is a plump, smooth surface so we don’t see any of those underlining structures.”

This zapping of your ugly old-lady hands only takes about five to 10 minutes, costs, as we said, $1,200, and lasts for nine months, so, you know, if you want to re-plump for the showing off of the wedding band even after the big wave of engagement ring pics, unless you’ve got a short engagement, you’ll have to re-up for that.

Watch below as bride-to-be Alexandra Berry gets injected and extolls the procedure’s virtues below:

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