I Am So On Board With Serving a Giant Easter Egg In Place Of a Wedding Cake

This is perhaps the best idea I have ever seen for a springtime wedding:

The Easter Bunny would be proud! These two have cast convention entirely aside.

Posted by The Telegraph on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

That Easter egg right there? It’s over two feet high and weighs about 12 pounds. And that lovely British couple plans to hack it apart at their wedding and feed it to their guests in lieu of pieces of cake, sitting abandoned at place settings and growing stale while their would-be consumers crowd the dance floor. Let’s all just take a moment and imagine how pumped we would be to walk into a wedding reception, see that, and know that a hunk of it would be headed our way after dinner. {Confession: I would wish, were I a guest at this wedding, that this glorious egg was filled with some sort of vanilla cream or caramel—from the sound of it, it’s just chocolate—but I think that’s just about the only thing that could make this any better.}

This particular confection in question is called the Imperial Easter Egg and is created by Bettys in North Yorkshire—but we can’t help but hope that some of Philly’s most established candy shops (Shane? Bayard’s? Philly Candies?) will take notice and start whipping up their own versions (filled with cream, please). Because we’re really not kidding about wanting to see this at the next springtime wedding we attend.

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