PW Reader Ring: Erika & Ellis!

Erika's ring!

Erika’s ring!

The couple: Erika Hafetz and Ellis Geer, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a round brilliant center diamond with a cushion diamond halo set in a platinum, split-shank, micro-pave setting. Ellis designed the ring completely by himself with a jeweler at Rosenberg Diamond Company on Jewelers’ Row! He told me how incredible it was to get really precise digital versions of what the ring would look like because then there was no guessing of how the actual ring was going to look.

We were never really subtle about talking about getting engaged. One night, Ellis asked me what my dream ring would look like. I asked him what he thought it would look like. His response: “Gold, thick band, with an oval diamond.” Even though that would make a beautiful ring, he couldn’t have described something more different than what I had imagined. When I told him that, he asked me to send him photos of what I liked.

I sent him two photos a few days later after going to try on different rings by myself. (Note to future brides: That’s the best thing I did! Sometimes what you see on Pinterest doesn’t look as good on your finger!) I didn’t want to send a whole bunch of pictures and make it confusing for him (which could result in something unexpected).

The proposal: One Friday night, Ellis suggested we go to dinner at Zama and then go see a comedian he liked (which sounded a lot like our first date). After dinner, he said he wanted to go get ice cream at “a new ice cream shop” that had opened up.

To get to this ice cream spot, we had to walk through Rittenhouse Square Park. In the middle of the park, Ellis turned to me and said, “So, I don’t really want ice cream.” In that moment, I knew what was actually happening. He got down on one knee, said the most loving words, and asked me to marry him! I was crying the entire time. It was the most amazing, surreal moment of my life. Of course, I said, “Yes!”

As we walked back to our apartment, we called our parents to share the good news. I was on the phone with my sister when Ellis opened the door to our apartment, and it was filled with our closest friends and family. I cried (again) because then we got to share one of the most important night of our lives with some of the best people around!

The band: I haven’t looked too much into bands yet, but I think I would want something that’s vintage inspired. I also think that I would want to wear my engagement ring on my right hand and the band on my left. I love my engagement ring on its own and am not sure how stacking will look. But I am obviously open to ideas!

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