What’s the Perfect Style of Wedding Dress For Your Zodiac Sign?



We’ve made our stance on zodiac signs, and all of the theories and predictions that come along with them, pretty clear here on the blog: While they’re fun and interesting to read, more often than not, our results are far from accurate. (Remember when I was told that an Aquarius’ wedding-planning style includes surprises, something outlandish and the cold shoulder? Yeah, no.)

But alas, if you’re into the whole astrology thing, the stars may be of some guidance to you as you go about preparing for your Big Day—especially as you’re shopping for your dream wedding gown. We’ve seen multiple articles detailing which dress styles are best for each zodiac sign, and they can be very helpful in at least passing along some ideas for brides-to-be who are unsure where to start.

Like this lovely style guide on Style Me Pretty, for example, which not only breaks down the best dresses for each zodiac sign but also shows a handful of pretty dresses that are perfect for each. Although the description for my sign (and PW editor Carrie’s) didn’t quite hit the nail on the head, we still found plenty of dresses we loved in the bunch.

Take a look at your sign and let us know if your results ring true!

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