What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Wedding-Planning Style



I have to admit, I’m not much of a horoscope person, but every so often when I see astrology linked to a topic of interest (like weddings!), I do like to take a peek and see whether or not the description of an Aquarius (my zodiac sign) is at all accurate.

That was the case today when I stumbled upon this Harper’s Bazaar post detailing what astrology says about your wedding planning style. For each zodiac sign, it breaks down the bride’s attitude and the details of the wedding, along with a potential bridezilla moment to watch out for.

My horoscope, I have to say, was more than a bit off: “Expect surprises,” “come up with something outlandish,” and “you define the term cold-shoulder” are not terms I would ever associate with my future wedding plans—or my attitude as a bride.

Maybe yours will be more accurate? (I sent the link around, and some engaged ladies thought theirs was actually right on the money!) Either way, it’s fun to look: Find your sign here and let us know!

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