PW Reader Ring: Andi & Ben!

Andi's ring!

Andi’s ring!

The couple: Andi Lucas and Ben Schmerin from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a brilliant-cut oval center stone in a platinum setting surrounded by two kite-shaped diamonds. Ben definitely knew I wanted an oval ring, and I had showed him my Pinterest page with a few different rings I had seen and liked. I also have always loved the three-diamond look and symbolism (past, present, future), but Ben was never into the three-oval idea, preferring the look of a more traditional single-stone engagement ring.

Well, once he realized realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he got his parents involved (so precious!) and headed out to start looking at some rings. They ended up at a family-owned jeweler in Delaware called Indulgence Jewelers, where Ben could really be a part of the process, picking out exactly which stones he wanted, what settings, and everything.

So he designed this ring for me, and it’s absolutely stunning and everything I could ever want to wear every day for the rest of my life!

The proposal: I’m in school to become a Physician Assistant, and at the end of our first year we have a “White Coat Ceremony” to symbolize us moving from the classroom and into our clinical time as a student. Ben’s family was in town, and of course, my family was as well. After the ceremony we had planned to go to dinner, but Ben had forgotten something at home and I had a headache and wanted to take some medicine and drop some things off, so we headed back briefly for a second to handle that stuff.

When we got inside, he asked me to go to the roof with him for a little toast since it would be the only time we were alone all day, and after some push back, I reluctantly agreed (it was oppressively hot outside!). When we got to the roof, he had two bouquets of red roses and flowers lining the floor, and a few of our favorite pictures framed and out for us … and I thought it was all for White Coat!

But then he got to talking, I quickly realized we were going down a very different path, and I have to admit, I cried the entire time, realizing I would get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man I have ever met. He had everything so perfectly planned from start to finish, and he even had a photographer hiding there to capture the whole thing! It was truly amazing, and those pictures will always be some of my very favorites! {Ed note: Check out the photos from photographer David Campli here.} 

She said yes!

She said yes! Photo by David Campli.

The band: I’m not sure exactly what it will look like, but I’m sure we will be back to Indulgence Jewelers after they did such an incredible job on the engagement ring!

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