WATCH: Brave/Foolish Groom Pranks His Bride by Having Waiters Drop Their Wedding Cake

We think most couples would agree that if you’re going to pull a prank on your significant other, your Big Day is probably not the time or place to do it. Everyone’s (read: the bride’s) nerves are already on edge, and unless she’s got a really good sense of humor, we’re thinking it’s better to save the practical jokes for after the wedding.

Well, this guy didn’t seem to get that memo: A groom with a death wish in England pranked his new wife by having two pretend waiters get into a fight and then drop the couple’s wedding cake right in the middle of the reception. As you can imagine, the bride was furious, and she stomped off to confront the catering staff before realizing it was all a set-up.

Apparently (and luckily), the groom is known for being a big joker at home, too, so his bride wasn’t too surprised to hear he had planned the whole thing. But we still have a feeling this will come up time and time again for the rest of their lives.

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