Study: Marriage Has More Health Benefits for Men Than Women



There have been so many studies done to investigate the link between marriage and health, and for the most part, researchers have found that being married is good for you—whether that means that because of your union, your hubby goes to the doctor more often or you have a lesser risk of heart disease.

And what’s becoming even more clear these days, though, is that while the positive health effects of marriage are numerous, men actually tend to benefit from them way more than women do.

new study out of London—which looked at 10,000 people born in England, Scotland and Wales in the same week of spring 1958—found that while single men tend to have more health issues than married men, the same does not hold true for women: Middle-aged single women have the same chance of developing diabetes, obesity and other metabolic syndromes as married women of the same age group and are only at a slightly increased risk of developing breathing issues.

On the other hand, the risk of developing both breathing issues and heart problems were much higher among single men than their married counterparts (the risk of heart problems was 14 percent higher in single men and negligible in women).

Even more interesting is that the researchers also claim that “people who remarry, get divorced or experience separation tend to have the same state of health when middle-aged as married people.”

Read the whole breakdown for yourself here.

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