Study: Tell Him to Put a Ring On It Because Marriage Is Better for Mens’ Health Than Just Cohabitating



It’s not really shocking to hear, via a new study by the United States National Center for Health Statistics, that married men see the doctor more than single men. To oversimplify (and stereotype, but whatever), married men have spouses who shove them off to appointments regularly and hide the cookies when they’ve been overindulging. Single men subsist on refrigerators full of ketchup and Bud Light.

But this study also shows that married men see the doctor much more than men who are living with significant others—matter of a fact, cohabitating men see the doctor even less than bachelors—which surprised even the researchers conducting the study.

They’re still scratching their heads a bit over the results—“That was completely unexpected, and I don’t have an explanation for it,” said study lead author Stephen Blumberg, an associate director with the NCHS division of health interview statistics.—but their guess is that it’s just something about a committed lifetime relationship that compels men to take better care of themselves.

A commitment that involves jewelry, that is.

You’re welcome.

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