Study: Marriage Is Literally Good for Your Heart



There has been many a study that declared marriage, in general, good for your health (the thought being that if you have a person who feels strongly that you stay alive, you inherently take more regular steps to to come through for them in this capacity), and now, we have a pretty major one declaring that marriage undeniably makes a difference when it comes to your chances of encountering some kind of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers at New York University’s Lagone Medical Center took a look at 3.5 million American adults (the largest look ever at the link between marriage and heart health), and found that a) married people had a five percent lower risk of any cardiovascular disease, b) widowed people had a three percent lower risk, and c) divorced people had a five percent greater risk. (Although in couples under the age of 50, doctors found that they had 12 percent lower heart disease than their single counterparts, which, whoa.)

So as it turns out, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get in your chest when you know that you’ve found your person is actually just your heart growing its protective little love barrier against any intruder that wishes to harm it. Score one for marriage, huh?

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