This Is the Only Acceptable Way to Request a Song at a Wedding



I was at a wedding a few summers ago during peak “Call Me Maybe,” and towards the end of the night, one of my guy friends from college—more than one beer in, of course—who very much wanted to hear the chart-topping tune decided to go request that the DJ play it. He might have even done it a second time when out of my eyesight—but at least I stopped him before he went to “offer the DJ his phone,” lest the reason the professional music player hadn’t complied with my friend’s request was because he didn’t have it. (Bless his tipsy, pop-loving heart.)

Because the thing is, the DJ at any wedding has about a million really solid reasons for not complying with your request—not the least of which being that the wedding at which you are a guest has nothing to do with you, or your wants and needs for the dance floor.

If you do decide, however, for whatever reasons, that your request is worth making—we’d like to suggest you keep in mind the tips offered here by a wedding-DJ veteran: Request your song early in the night, and only if the newly married couple are cool with it, and don’t say dumb stuff to the DJ, make bribes or threats. Seems reasonable and like such things would be common sense, but we believe the author when he says we’d be surprised.

Now if it’s your own wedding, of course—request away. Playlist inspo below:

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