144 Songs for Every Moment & Dance On Your Wedding Day



Not too long ago, a friend of mine who was getting married (he has since successfully tied the knot) asked me what some typical songs were that were good for the mother-son dance, and I had absolutely not one single suggestion for him. How many weddings have I been to where I watched this adorable moment unfold? And yet, I couldn’t come up with a single one.

A lot of people struggle with song choices when it comes to various dances and moments on their wedding day. Like, a lot. And I get it—there’s so much pressure to design the perfect soundtrack for these high-octane moments! And most people would rather choose something that all of their guests haven’t heard ten million times before at weddings they’ve attended in the past. So couples need ideas and help, for sure.

That’s why we loved this Buzzfeed post rounding up a whopping 144 songs for your wedding-day soundtrack, along with links to listen to them immediately. Because there are a lot of awesome suggestions in there that, as we just confessed, we aren’t always able to come up with ourselves.

How did you put together your song list for your Big Day?

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