The 9 Worst Songs for Your First Dance



In 2006, about a million and a half newlywed couples danced their first dances to James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful,” and I had just as many fits of rage. Sure, “you’re beautiful” is a lovely sentiment to blast through the air waves on your wedding day and all, but it is a song about unrequited love, people! There is not a single happy moment in there. James Blunt himself referred to it as “miserable.” Even his acknowledging that someone is beautiful in the song is sad, because, as he also says, he will never be with her. {Whew. I’m getting riled up again.}

It never ceases to amaze me when a couple chooses a song for their first dance that not only isn’t about the things that a wedding/marriage is about (happiness, love, fulfillment, comfort, etc., etc.), it is about the exactly opposite types of things that a wedding/marriage is about (breaking up, dying, unending sadness, one-night stands, anger, dejectedness, etc., etc.).

And that is why I yelled out loud in agreement when I read this post by Craig Sumsky, owner and director of Huntingdon Valley-based Cutting Edge Entertainment. In it, he details eight songs that, if a client requests it for their first dance, he suggests they really listen to the lyrics. (Craig! Bless you for this!)

The popular requests are about, in no particular order, stalking, dead significant others, breaking up, sleeping around, and lots of other lovely non-wedding-ish things like that. I mean, if you understand this and still want it as your first-dance song for reasons private to you and your person, then of course, knock your socks off—but don’t be surprised by the amount of sideways glances and furrowed brows on the faces of your nearest and dearest as they stand around and pretend to be moved by the soundtrack you’ve chosen for such a wonderful moment on your wedding day.

What other seemingly crazy first-dance songs have you guys heard at weddings? Any idea why they picked them anyway? 

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