Here’s How Much It Would Cost to Have Your Favorite Band Play at Your Wedding 



This morning, I listened to Preston & Steve talk about this list for quite a while, and then when I came into work, I had an email from a friend and former colleague—who just so happens to be engaged—that said “I need $1 million, plz.”

See, she is quite certainly one of Mr. Bruce Springsteen’s greatest and most devoted fans, her wedding is coming up, and this little bit of info that has made its way out into the world reports that for a cool mil (“+,” though, so Lord only know what that + might mean), the Boss will come and play at your private event.

Pricenomics has published a report using information from an anonymous source at a booking agency that contains pricing information for booking about a bajillion different bands and performers for private events.

And it is extensive; it’s got major, huge, currently hot people in there, and it’s got some extreme randos and omg-they-still-exist? people in there, too. (A woman called into the radio show while I was listening to say that, in fact, she had just been to a 30th birthday party at Peppercorn in Wayne the other weekend where Better Than Ezra played, so apparently, this is a thing that people do.)

You’ll find the highest tier right below ($100k and above), which of course, includes several local greats like the aforementioned Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. Wondering what you’d need to set aside in the budget to book your favorite for your wedding? Click here to see others that might be just slightly more affordable.

Booking Bon Jovi for your wedding is totally worth making a few budget cuts elsewhere, isn't it?

Booking Bon Jovi for your wedding is totally worth making a few budget cuts elsewhere, isn’t it?


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