PW Reader Ring: Alaina & John!

Alaina's ring!

Alaina’s ring!

The couple: Alaina Artin and John Sauser from Yardley and Phoenixville.

The ring: My ring is a gorgeous 1920s antique filigree white-gold diamond engagement ring that John, along with his mom and dad, found at Romantic Jewelers in his hometown of Phoenixville.

I had no idea he was going to propose, so this ring was a surprise to me! He definitely has great taste because if I were to choose a ring for myself, it would look just like this one.

The proposal: John lives in Scranton working full-time for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Scranton is not a bustling town, so we have to be creative with our time when I’m there. We discovered a great treasure-hunting game called Geocaching that you play outdoors with other people in your area: Clues are left behind from the cache hider and when you find a cache, you log your name and the date on a piece of paper to confirm your find. On this day, what I thought to be just another day looking for treasure would soon become a very important one!

Per usual, we were walking around a park looking for a hidden cache–I was looking at one cluster of birch trees and John supposedly was looking for the cache at another group of trees nearby. After a fruitless search on my end, he yelled to me that he had possibly found something. When I approached him, he handed me the ‘cache’ that he had found, an old medicine container, which I opened. Inside the container was what appeared to be the typical log to write your name and the date; however, this log had a note written on it instead. It read, “Alaina, you make me so happy. Will you marry me?”

While reading the note, I failed to notice that John had gotten down on one knee and had a ring box open. With dropped jaw, I looked at him, the ring inside the box and the note in my hand, and said, ‘Are you serious?’ After a few seconds of confusion, and having confirmed that he had asked my parents’ permission, John asked me for my answer. I said ‘YES!’ I was in a state of shock for a while but we soon called our parents to share the exciting news.

The band: I’m undecided. Whatever I choose to go with my ring, I know it will be perfect.

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