Dentists Have the Highest Marriage Rate of Any Profession & Other Bizarre Occupation/Marriage-Rate Facts 



This is one of those things that you can spend forever staring at, uttering things like Huh? and Weird the whole time.

Businessweek took census data from 1950 to 2010, crunched it up, and found that patterns emerged among various occupations and marriage rates. For example:

  • Dentists have the highest marriage rate of any profession.
  • Crossing guards are the most likely to be widowed.
  • Plasterers are even more likely than members of the military to be married but living apart from their spouse.
  • Motion picture projectionists are often single.
  • Those in manufacturing are likely to get divorced.
  • And this: “Nurses, social workers, therapists, and bartenders—in other words, people who listen to people complain all day—have been common divorcées throughout the decades.”

They created two charts—one that shows how the occupations among the marrieds of the world have changed over the decades, and one that shows the same for the divorced—that shed some pretty interesting light on the whole topic. Check them both out here, and join us in exclaiming Paperhanger? the rest of the afternoon.

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