Groom Changes Mind About Getting Married; Decides to Fake Own Death Instead Of Calling It Off 

He does a really terrible job of it, too.



In 2012, Alex Lancaster came over to the US from the Great Britain to attend college in Connecticut, where she fell in love with a nice Connecticut boy named Tucker Blanford.

Before she went back home to the UK, he proposed, and she spent the next several months buying her dress, choosing invitations and bridesmaid dresses, and generally planning their nuptials. This past weekend—August 15—would have been their wedding day.

Except that she received a call saying Tucker had died.

It seems that her darling fiance, who is obviously a genius, “got scared,” and, impersonating his father, called Alex to tell her that her groom had been depressed, thrown himself in front of a car, and that the impact had killed him.

Unfortunately, Alex did not just hang up the phone, have a good cry, and then set about calmly canceling all the wedding plans they had made like Tucker, we can only imagine, appears to have thought she would. She hung up the phone, had a good cry, and then called his parents (back, so she thought), only to find that they had no idea what she was talking about, that Tucker was fine, and that they had actually thought the two of them had broken up when she returned to England.

Tucker, for his part, admits to it all, and we, on Alex’s behalf, say: Whew, girl. You just dodged yourself a helluva bullet.

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