Groom Forgets to Book Venue, Calls in Bomb Threat to Cover His Tracks



I mean, this is just something funny to enjoy with your morning coffee, whatever number cup you might be on.

A hapless groom in the UK awoke on his wedding day only to realize that—oops!—he had forgotten to do his one big wedding task. And it wasn’t a typical groom task, like find the band or pick up the rings or look into honeymoon stuff—he had not booked their venue.

He was supposed to have booked St. Georges Hall in Liverpool. But, since he didn’t, instead of ‘fessing up or figuring out something helpful to do about the situation, he called in a bomb threat to his would-be venue. He literally walked to a payphone near his home, called the place, and told them that a bomb would be going off in approximately 45 minutes—or, just in time for his bride to arrive, in full wedding regalia and entourage, ready to marry him, and find the place being evacuated and swarming with law enforcement.

Obviously, it was not long before the jig was up, both with his bride-to-be and the cops, and now, he’s facing jail time.

He and his lady friend aren’t married yet—but she’s still with him. Gee, think this’ll come up every now and then for the rest of their lives?

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