Study: Couples Get a Better Night’s Sleep When the Wife Is Happy 



Well, this kind of adds another level to that whole “Happy wife, happy life” thing: A new study shows that when the wife in a relationship is content with the marriage, married couples sleep much more in sync.

Anyone who has ever shared a bed with someone—whether a romantic or non-romantic someone—knows that more often than not, unless you are both the soundest sleepers ever, you are asleep at the same(ish) times and awake at the same(ish) times. It’s hard to dive deep into a dream state when the person next to you is thrashing around in an overheated, restless fit.

This study confirms that when you are sleeping with a partner, sleep is a shared behavior (instead of an individual one), but it also announces another part to that: their research shows that it’s the wife who might make or break a couple’s sleep patterns. Normally, couples are in a synchronized sleeping pattern about 75 percent of the time—and researchers found here that when the wife reported high marital satisfaction, the couple was awake at the same time and asleep at the same time at an even higher rate.

So basically, science is saying that dog houses do not have comfy beds. Take note, grooms.

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