Study: Have an Afternoon Snack Because Being Hangry Can Hurt Your Marriage



For those of you who have ever been accused of being hangry—you know, crabby and unpleasant because you haven’t eaten since the bagel tray at your morning meeting (*raises hand*)—you had better set up a routine snacking schedule before you tie that knot, because a new study has the numbers to prove that high levels of hangry-ness can hurt your marriage.

The University of Ohio followed 107 couples who had been married for an average of 12 years, and what they determined (via some strange experimentation with voodoo dolls and computer games—yep) were, well, things we already know: 1) when your blood sugar is low, you are less able to curb your negative emotions (impulse control requires energy, something we do not have when we are starving), and that 2) this makes us more likely to be rather nasty towards people, especially loved ones, since, as one of the researchers points out, “We are all less inhibited around our loved ones and more likely to lash out at home than we are in the workplace.” (Yes.)

To keep your blood sugar out of the levels so low you’re likely to tear your new spouse’s head off the second you walk in the door, doctors suggest snacking on fruits and whole grains to keep it all—your blood sugar, your emotions, etc., etc.—nice and steady. And considering that we’ve heard so many of you brides-to-be actually describe yourselves as hangry in these get-dress-ready months, it might be a good idea to start that now.

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