Study: Is Post-Wedding Weight Gain a Thing?



File this under Things We Wish Weren’t True But Come As No Surprise: A new study is the latest to confirm that a bride’s I do’s are often followed by an increase in – eek – lbs.

A Daily Mail article summarizes the Australian study, which consisted of a survey of 350 brides about their post-wedding weight gain. Mainly:

  • Six months after their weddings, participants had gained on average of 4.7 lbs.
  • Dieting brides who lost weight before the wedding gained an average of 7.1 lbs.
  • Brides who had been pressured to lose weight before their Big Day gained an average of 9.9 lbs – almost three times more than brides who were not pressured.

The reasons for that weight gain, according to the study, are exactly what you’d guess: no more worries about looking like Gisele in front of all your closest friends and relatives or in those you’ll-have-to-look-at-them-forever photos.

Also, they say, “It is equally possible that this weakened motivation for maintaining body weight is due to participants feeling like they have already ‘snagged’ their man and therefore no longer need to work on their appearance.”

Romantic, eh? We prefer to believe those surveyed gave up their unsustainable pre-wedding diets at the behest of their very sweet significant others and because life is too short to not eat pizza.

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