Best Man Raises Money for Couple Whose Wedding Funds Were Stolen One Week Before the Wedding

Screen grab from the GoFundMe page for Ray and Christina.

Screen grab from the GoFundMe page for Ray and Christina.

We love starting out our mornings with a sweet story like this!

Well really, I guess, this sweet story wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for its sad and disheartening beginning, but all signs now point to a happy ending. A coworker shared with me this morning the GoFundMe page for Raymond De Santiago and his soon-to-be wife Christina, who had their house robbed this past Saturday.

Their wedding is this Saturday.

Because their wedding was so close, they had already gathered the cash together that they were going to use to pay their vendors on the Big Day—including the money for their florist, who they had to pay yesterday. The hit left them without the funds to pay the people putting together their Big Day—or to go on their honeymoon.

Ray’s best man, Cameron, set up this GoFundMe page for the couple, that family and friends, and even just Good Samaritans who wanted to chip in could donate even a few dollars to help the couple gather back those lost funds and continue with their happy day.

And as you can see from the screen grab above, as of this morning they had reached it! (The best man does note in his write-up that any excess funds would undoubtedly go to a home security system.) Reminds us of when that 911 operator gave her wedding dress to the caller whose gown was stolen on her wedding day. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

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