VIDEO: 911 Operator Saves Caller’s Wedding Day After Her Dress Was Stolen

I saw this story on the news towards the end of last week, was totally struck by it, and then it somehow got lost in the shuffle! But you know what? That actually worked out, because over the weekend, we got video!

Here’s what happened: Amanda, a bride Washington, woke up on her wedding day to find that her wedding dress had been stolen right out of her car. (Dear Wedding-Dress Thief: Your karma right now? Oof. Love, PW) She called 911 to report the burglary and an operator named Candice took her call.

Once Candice found out what the call was about, she realized: She had gotten married 18 months prior, and her dress was just sitting at her parents’ house! Cut to the happy ending with the bride wearing Candice’s dress, and the day being saved. (It not only fit—it looked awesome.)

Watch the video below to hear the story right from the two of them. Love, love, love this.

ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News


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