PW Reader Ring: Lisa & Mike!

Lisa's ring!

Lisa’s ring!

The couple: Lisa Mastrangelo and Mike Fedele from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a beautiful round diamond set in a white gold cushion halo setting. I had shown Mike pictures of what I liked, but he was too nervous to pick it out by himself. He thought it would be fun for me to pick out the setting while he picked the diamond. We went to Infinity Jewelers on Cottman Avenue. After meeting with the jeweler, Kevin, I was so excited when he said that he could design a ring off of a photo I showed him! Mike was very honest with me and said it was going to take at least six months before I got the ring because he needed to save up. But I had been patient for 10 years, what was a couple more months?

The proposal: Mike had just gotten down the Shore after working all weekend, and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with his parents. He said he just wanted to stop by the beach first because he was excited to drive his new SUV on the sand, so we went to the south end of the Brigantine beach that’s right across from AC.

As we were walking along the beach, he told me he had a surprise, but not to get too excited. It was a beautiful gold dipped rose. He asked me if I remembered the first time he gave me a rose. I said, “Our six month anniversary?” He told me to guess again. I said, “Oh, our first date!” He asked if I remembered the couple who said we looked so happy and in love, and I said yes. (A little backstory: Mike and I started dating in 2003, and our first date was on Valentine’s Day. When he picked me up, he handed me a single red rose. It was beautiful. At dinner we were seated next to a lovely older couple. They told us we looked so happy and in love, which was a little embarrassing, because we just started dating. But they told us they hoped that we would be together forever and happy like them. They were the cutest couple ever.)

Then Mike said, “Will you make me happy forever? Will you marry me?” while down on bending knee. I was shocked and kept asking if he was serious—but once I saw the box, I knew he wasn’t joking around and I fell to my knees where we hugged and kissed for a while. I finally said yes a couple of hugs and kisses later!

Mike had hired a photographer to capture the moment while my mom, sister and nephew were watching in the dunes, with champagne waiting for us. That night we went to dinner and stayed at the Borgata, and then the next day, he had made me a nail appointment, and then threw me a surprise engagement part with some of our closest friends and family. It was absolutely the most memorable couple of days I have ever had.

The band: I would like a white gold diamond band to match my ring. Kevin from Infinity Jewelers said he can customize the band to match my ring perfectly.

Lisa and Mike, right after she said yes.

Lisa and Mike, right after she said yes.

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