Here’s How to Phrase a Thank-You Note to a Guest Who Did Not Send a Wedding Gift



If I were to recount the number of stories I have that involve a newly married couple who didn’t know what to do concerning wedding guests who didn’t send a tangible gift (that is, in addition to their presence at the wedding), you would undoubtedly either fall asleep or click away from this blog. Suffice it to say I have more examples than fingers.

That’s why I thought this was such a great question worth sharing. It concerns whether or not to send a thank-you note to a guest who generously and joyously attended your wedding, but did not also send a, say, off-the-registry gift after the fact. And, how to phrase such a note so as to not come off as saying, Like, thanks for coming and all, for reals, but there’s an actual gift on the way, right? 

So, I like HuffPo’s expert’s answer about how to phrase the note, especially to guests who traveled to make it to your wedding—but don’t agree that sending a “thanks for attending” note to local guests comes off as gift-grubbing. If enough time passes that you feel uncomfortable not acknowledging one of your lovely guest’s presence at your wedding even if they did not send a gift through the US Postal Service, go ahead and send them a “thanks so much for coming, it was awesome to have you” note. If, three months later, they send you the gravy boat off your registry, and you want to officially acknowledge that, too, go ahead and send them a “thanks so much for the gravy boat” note. No big.

Anyone else have a good tip for dealing with this situation?

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