Honeymoon Inspiration: Travel + Leisure’s Best New Hotels of 2013

Honeymoon Inspiration: Travel + Leisure's Best New Hotels of 2013


Even though planning the honeymoon is undoubtedly one of the more fun check marks a couple will make during their engagement, a lot of times, they’re completely at a loss about where to even start. Even if they’ve always talked about doing a great, big European tour for their ‘moon, or have agreed that all they’ll be capable of immediately following the wedding is laying face-down in a cabana somewhere on a tropical island, that still doesn’t solve the where question, really. It only kinda narrows it down.

That’s why I always think roundups like these are such a great place for getting the ideas and inspiration flowing—and plus, this particular one is Travel + Leisure, so we know they know what’s going on. They’ve just unveiled their Best New Hotels of 2013, and because clicking through it will make your eyes glaze over and your mind wander for about 10 minutes per slide (and there’s 62 hotels to get through), might we suggest doing this while at home, and not in between meetings during the day.

Oh, and it covers the world, so whether you’re thinking Caribbean or Mexico or Europe, Asia, India or Aspen, you are covered. It’s quite the list. Go pour yourself a drink, grab a calculator and double check your vacation days, because this is pretty much guaranteed to get your honeymoon started.

Anyone considered somewhere on this list, or find themselves intrigued by one of these new hotels?

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