Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: I Found My Wedding Shoes!

Her wedding Choos, that is.

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: I Found My Wedding Shoes!


My eyelids felt heavy as I trudged my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth before getting in bed. It had been an exhaustingly long day. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the shoe box lying on the ground. And I couldn’t resist.

I carefully took the pair of heels out of their respective plastic coverings and removed the paper padding from inside. I slipped them on my feet and walked over to the mirror, admiring how they sparkled in the light.

My mom and I had taken the train up to New York two Sundays ago to go shopping for her dress for the wedding. And what did we come home with? My wedding shoes!

It was 6:00 at night. My mom and I were pretty spent. We had visited four different dress shops, and she had tried on a dozen or so gowns—some gorgeous ones, but none that were wowing her. My job was zippering, hanging, and attempting to decipher the bewildering clips, buttons, and strings on each dress.

When taking the elevator down from the top floor of Saks—our final stop of the day—we decided to get off at the overwhelmingly ginormous shoe department. We strategized and decided to work our way counterclockwise. It began with me picking up the shoes that enticed me, flipping them over to look at the price, and then hastily and cautiously returning them to their place with either bulging eyes or a sarcastic laugh. The prices were absurd!

I figured it was going to be a useless trip until we arrived at the Jimmy Choo section. I picked up a pair of heels that I was instantly attracted to—a great size heel (maybe 3 inches or less), silver glitter with a gold netting overlay, and a peep toe. I looked at the price—not nearly as outrageous as the others, yet still far more expensive than any shoe I’ve ever purchased—and was about to put it back down when my mom urged me to try them on. I gave in.

The salesman brought me my size; I slipped them on and walked my way to the mirror. They were stunning—and comfortable. But could I possibly justify the price? They were so different from the original shoes I fell in love with: classic, elegant Badgley Mischka heels in plain ivory. When I eventually had the chance to try on the shoes in my size, I learned that the front of the shoe was way too narrow for my wide feet. So here I was considering bedazzled Jimmy Choos. How did I get here?!

But I thought to myself, I could wear these for the rest of my life. They’ll look great with any dress, skirt, probably even jeans. How many times am I going to get the chance to wear ivory heels again? Not to mention the Jimmy Choos are way more fun!

Well, my mom made the decision for me: “I think you should get them,” she said nodding and very kindly offered to pay for them. Yay! Success!

And while I loved them from the start, it was when I couldn’t resist trying them on again—despite my tired eyes barely opening—that I realized I really, really love them.

How did you decide on your wedding shoes? Did you end up with something completely different than you ever thought you’d get?

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