Avocado: The New Scheduling/Organizing/Picture-Sharing App Just For Couples

Avocado: The New Scheduling/Organizing/Picture-Sharing App Just For Couples

Avocado, the new app just for couples.

I know we’ve all been saying “There’s an app for that” for a while now—but more and more, it’s starting to seem like there really, literally is an app for everything.

This one struck us as such a good idea, we kind of can’t believe we haven’t seen it before! It’s a new app called Avocado, and it’s just for couples. It’s like, you know how so far this week you’ve texted your fiance about finding a gift for his groomsmen, emailed him a list of upcoming vendor meetings you have this month and verbally reminded him 15 times that his parents still need a list of places you’d be interested in having the rehearsal dinner? This app lets you put it all in one place—and then there’s tons of just-for-fun stuff on there, too.

The app allows you to, among other things, manage lists of the to-do, grocery, and other varieties (you can “assign” tasks to each person and also see when the other has crossed something off); manage calendars; upload pictures that only the two of you can see; send messages back and forth; send sketches and funny faces to each other—basically, many things you already do, but here, in an organized and all-in-one-place kind of way.

It was created by two former Google employees who named the app Avocado because these particular trees only produce fruit when they grow near each other, which is kind of cute, in a tree-specific way. You can get a great overview of the $1.99 app by clicking through their slideshow at the top of the page here, and more details on how this came about here.

Strikes us as something that’d be especially helpful to couples trying to navigate already-full lives that now somehow have to make room for wedding planning, no? Let us know if you try it out!

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