Here Are Some Happy Memories Of A Sheraton Society Hill Wedding

No doubt most of you have seen, by now, the unbelievable melee that occurred after that wedding this past weekend at the Sheraton Society Hill, and read about all the mess that’s been left in its wake, with the injuries and the one man’s death and the charges brought against people involved.

Because we know you have, we’re not here to comment on that—but rather, we wanted to share this lovely piece from Philly Post contributor Stephen Silver who wrote about his own wedding at the hotel just over five years ago, and the lovely kinship he’s had with the place ever since.

It’s a pleasant wedding-at-the-Sheraton story, and we think—also having some very fond, personal memories with the hotel—that it’s a nice way to end the discussion on this particular anecdote in its history.

Any of our readers happen to be tying the knot at this particular hotel?

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