Today’s Gay Marriage Discussions

From G Philly and The Philly Post.


Our sister sites G Philly and The Philly Post have been blowing up today with some intelligent discussion on the subject of gay marriage, and we wanted to share.

First, G Philly has a piece on Veep Joe Biden’s recent comments supporting gay marriage, and the affect its had on the public still wondering what, exactly, Obama’s thoughts and feelings on the subject are. His press secretary Jay Carney tried to fill in the blanks, but we have to agree with our colleagues that it all sounds a little vague.

Next up, they’ve got a video of CNN’s Anderson Cooper also talking about the Obama administration’s stance on same-sex marriages, and bringing up all the various issues that still plague even states where the union is legal.

And finally, The Philly Post’s got a clip of Ed Rendell on MSNBC today, taking Obama to task for not speaking up more clearly about his views on gay marriage. Seems Ed thinks Obama needs to “man up” on the subject.

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