Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: The Officiant Search

Okay, so … maybe if say this first, I won’t actually jinx myself (knock on wood!): I’ve found that, so far, wedding planning has been pretty easy and not “bringing out the worst in people,” like I feel I’ve heard a thousand times before. We have many of the large details squared away and we are moving along at a pretty good pace … I think. I must be forgetting something … Oh, wait. There is that one little detail. We need someone to marry us.

How do you go about finding someone to marry you? Our venue recommended a few people and also let us know gently about how each of these officiants operates, so-to-speak. I think that set us up for terror. I’ve been putting off looking for someone but really … Without him or her to give the go-ahead with the I-do, you-do …  we can’t!

I blindly searched some wedding websites and found some reputable places but am still uncertain about where to look next. Some of the sites I’ve stumbled upon look like dressed up drive-thru chapel ads or they are overly flashy like a used car sales lot.

This is one of those details that we really need to get right. I mean, this person and his or her attitude or approach will set the tone for the ceremony. We’re all there to party, but I still want our short-and-sweet ceremony to be memorable.

Is anyone else having a similar problem? Any advice on where to start?

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