Bride-to-Be Blogger Jennifer: Color Conundrum Solved

First: Thanks to all of you who have commented on these blogs. I really appreciate your feedback and ideas. I hope that I am helping some of you, too.

Drum roll please … we decided on a color. I thought about making you sweat it out but … nah! To be honest, my last blog may have been a tad dramatic considering how easily we ended up choosing what we thought would work best for us.

We are going with “wine.” As you can imagine, it’s a deep reddish color that really shines in the sunlight. It’s breathtaking.

To select the color, I brought home swatches and we talked and talked and put them away and talked some more and brought them back out … lather, rinse repeat and so on. It really speaks to the quality of the fabric considering how many times I took them in and out of that envelope I carried around in my purse. But I digress. Swatches, while helpful when choosing flowers and favors and invitations to make quick matching decisions, didn’t do enough in terms of seeing a full length dress come to life. Anthony and I went back to David’s Bridal together one night and we looked through dresses, looking at the colors, trying not to focus on the styles and considering how the ladies would look. At that point, it was a no-brainer. “Wine” was a stand-out winner. It’s a really great color and I think all of my bridesmaids and my maid-of-honor will look amazing in it.

I feel pretty relieved that we are not going with a two-tone color scheme. For me, that raised the difficulty of the ensemble unnecessarily. With the one color, I think I will let my bridesmaids choose their own floor-length style. My friend, bridesmaid and shameless blog supporter Jessica did the same for her wedding and I thought it not only looked great, but it gave everyone the flexibility to find something they felt most comfortable in. Thanks for the idea, Jess (and for letting me wear what I really liked!).

Would you consider letting all of your bridesmaids choose their own style?

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