Jeff Brown Likely Displeased With New Helen Gym Poll

Plus, Rebecca Rhynhart gets her first attack ad.

jeff brown is in last place among the most viable candidates for mayor of philadelphia, according to new poll released by helen gym

Jeff Brown is in last place among the most viable candidates for mayor of philadelphia, according to a new poll released by Helen Gym, who just happens to be at the front of the pack with Rebecca Rhynhart (image via anti-Jeff Brown website funded by Allan Domb)

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Jeff Brown Probably Isn’t Too Pleased With the Latest Poll Released by Helen Gym

On Friday morning, Helen Gym released the latest poll in the race for mayor of Philadelphia. And I’m guessing ShopRite mogul Jeff Brown isn’t all that enthused about it. It wasn’t so long ago that Jeff Brown released a Jeff Brown-funded poll that showed him commanding the primary field for mayor. The results of this latest poll couldn’t be more different.

According to the poll, conducted by the San Francisco-based left-wing think tank Data for Progress (it calls itself “the think tank for the future of progressivism,” which sounds very Helen Gym-oriented), Jeff Brown is dead last among the most viable candidates. On top are Helen Gym and Rebecca Rhynhart, tied at 21 percent. Next comes Cherelle Parker, at 19 percent. Then it’s Allan Domb, at 13 percent. Jeff Brown? Nine percent. Oh, and the other guy named Brown (I’m talking about Amen Brown, in case you forgot about him) managed to pull two percent. The margin of error is plus-minus four percent, so you can do the math.

Of course, Brown could snag some undecided voters. The poll says 14 percent of respondents are either undecided or voting for one of the they-could-never-win candidates.

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Speaking of Jeff Brown …

You’ve probably heard about the Board of Ethics lawsuit against a super PAC that’s been airing Jeff Brown ads. Brown keeps saying the lawsuit has been settled, but that’s not true. All he needs to do is look at the court docket, which shows the lawsuit very much open. In fact, lawyers representing the super PAC just filed their preliminary objections to the lawsuit on Wednesday. Don’t believe me, Jeff? Here you go:

Preliminary Objections to P… by philly victor

But Back to Rebecca Rhynhart

On Thursday, Rebecca Rhynhart released her tax returns. (I looked through them, and there’s nothing particularly juicy or surprising, which is probably why she was so quick to release them.) And she’s calling on all the other candidates to do the same.

Rebecca Rhynhart

Rebecca Rhynhart (Getty Images)

Here’s what Rhynhart had to say about it in a statement:

For far too long, corruption, pay-to-play politics, and self-enrichment have plagued city government. Philadelphia deserves a government as good as its people. And it starts with transparency — to make sure public service is always about serving people, not personal profit.

As City Controller, I held the powerful accountable and found new and innovative ways to make government work for the people. That’s how I’ll lead as mayor. I’ve released my household’s tax returns. I’m calling on all mayoral candidates to stop hiding in the shadows, do the right thing, and release their tax returns and those of their spouses — now.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Rhynhart’s release came right around the same time the first attack ad against her began airing. The ad sums her up as a Wall Street bigwig (it’s true she once worked on Wall Street) and questions some of her previous acts while working for the city. The Inquirer has a nice tidy piece on the emergence of the attack ads in the race. So far, of the five top candidates, only Cherelle Parker has been spared.

By the Numbers

900: Miles from her destination that Frontier Airlines accidentally sent a South Jersey woman. She was supposed to land in Florida. She wound up in Jamaica. Bonus: Without a passport! I see some free trips in her future.

20: Years Philly Proud Boys prez Zach Rehl could face in prison. On Thursday, a jury convicted Rehl for seditious conspiracy for his role in the January 6th Capitol riots. It’s unclear just how proud Rehl is feeling at this moment.

77: Forecasted high on Monday. Seems like a pretty good way to start off the week. (Sunny, too!)

0: Amount of faith the Philadelphia Tribune‘s editorial board seems to have in Helen Gym’s ambitious plans.

$1,000: Cost of a single ticket to next week’s Great Stages Gala with the Philadelphia Orchestra. It’s like the Academy Ball, but different.

And from the About-Those-Benjamins Sports Desk …

The Wall Street Journal used the Eagles’ own Jalen Hurts as the centerpiece of an article yesterday on the NFL’s new, ultra-rich quarterback contracts. And speaking of contracts, Iggles defensive tackle Jalen Carter became the very first first-round draft pick to come to terms with a team. Plenty of other Birds have been signing up, too.

Tonight, the Sixers come home to the Wells Fargo Center for the third game in their playoff series with the Celtics, slated for 7:30. The fourth matchup will be on Sunday, also here at home, at 3:30. Get out there and be loud, Philly phans!

The Phils return to Citizens Bank Park tonight to start a series with the Red Sox. Game times: 7:05 tonight, 7:15 Saturday, and 1:35 Sunday. Here’s hoping the pitching gets its act together.

The Union have a regular old match against the New York Red Bulls on Saturday at 7:30 in Chester, at Subaru Park.

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