Hallelujah! The Whole Eagles Christmas Album Is Streaming on December 23rd

It’s a Christmas miracle!

The Philadelphia Eagles Christmas album, A Very Philly Christmas, which sold out in about two minutes.

The Philadelphia Eagles Christmas album, A Philly Special Christmas, on vinyl, which you probably can’t get anymore, but I’m not bitter.

When the Eagles announced they were putting out a Christmas album back in October, we knew it would be exciting, but it has been a wild ride, friends.

At $75, A Philly Special Christmas seemed like the perfect Philly holiday gift: It benefits the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, has adorable Charlie Brown-inspired cover art, and is pressed on festive green vinyl. Unfortunately, all of Philadelphia agreed, and the thing sold out in two minutes. I’m what you might consider a … skilled online shopper (Telfar rainbow day was a smashing success) and even I couldn’t get a copy; Victor Fiorillo couldn’t get one, either — our editor Brian Howard was one of the lucky few pre-orders and we’re not bitter at all.

As with all scarce and coveted items, the eBay opportunists popped up, demanding ridiculous prices. Then came the re-release, and another re-release just a week later. They didn’t go much better.

Well, fret not, Philly, because if you couldn’t get your hands on an album — or just can’t figure out how to make your turntable more commute-friendly — we have fantastic news: A Philly Special Christmas is going to be released on streaming Friday, December 23rd, just in time for all of us to have the merriest, most Eagles-tastic holiday ever. In fact, four tracks are already up on Spotify and Apple Music, if you’d like a little preview. Eagles Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson sound amazing, partly thanks to a West Philly vocal coach, and I can’t stop listening to it. I’m partial to “Baby Please Come Home,” but all the tracks are way better than they have any right or need to be.

So, while you may not be able to get a physical copy, take some solace in the knowledge that it’s already raised over $250,000 for CCTC, and enjoy the music in the digital world. Happy Holidays, and happy listening.