Wawa’s New Secret Menu Is “Mint-er Wonderland” Themed

And you’ll find lots of peppermint-flavored goodness inside.

wawa secret menu

Wawa’s latest secret menu.

Wawa’s getting in on the holiday spirit.

The company’s latest “secret menu” is “Mint-er Wonderland” themed. As you might expect, it includes three mint-flavored drinks.

Never heard of Wawa’s secret menus? We first wrote about them back in March. Here’s the deal: To access the secret menu, you’ve got to click the flying goose on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Then, violà! It will appear. Magic, before your very eyes.

This winter’s “Mint-er Wonderland” themed menu includes three beverages: peppermint hot chocolate, a peppermint bark cream smoothie and a “peppermint steamer.” A Wawa spokesperson said the drinks are “all very icy and indulgent with real crushed peppermint pieces.”

A good time to try out the new menu might be next Friday, December 14th, when the biggest Wawa ever is set to open right here in Philadelphia.

Wawa says the forthcoming location at 6th and Chestnut streets will be a “historic, one-of-a-kind store.” Expect a massive (like, 11,300-square-foot massive) and surprisingly hip space, where you can find artisan coffee, specialty baked goods, lots of seating, greenery and more. We’ve got all the details right here.

In case you needed any more evidence that Wawa is having a really good month, the company debuted its first-ever beer on Thursday. The store partnered with the Aston-based 2SP Brewing Company to create The Winter Reserve Coffee Stout.

Wawa and 2SP got together on Thursday to tap the first keg of the brew at a Wawa in Chadds Ford. According to the Delco Times, hundreds of people lined up outside the store for a public taste testing. 

On Saturday, 2SP will release cans of its Winter Reserve Coffee Stout at its brewery, located at 120 Concord Road in Aston, starting at 11 a.m. Four-packs will cost $12 — and you can only get one per person. If you’re planning to go, show up early, because they’ll probably run out fast. You can find more information here.

Other than that, just 1,000 cases of the Winter Reserve Coffee Stout will be sold in the Philly area, starting on December 10th. No word on where exactly you’ll be able to pick one up — Origlio Beverage is expected to distribute the beers to local bottle shops.

If you miss out, at least you can grab a drink from the “Mint-er Wonderland” menu.