Here’s the Opening Date for Wawa’s Massive, Crazy-Fancy New Store

Mark your calendars, Philly — we’re just two weeks away from Wawa like you’ve never seen it.

wawa opening

The biggest, fanciest Wawa ever will soon open near the corner of 6th and Chestnut streets.

The holidays are coming, and with them the best gift of all: the biggest, fanciest Wawa ever, to open right here to our beloved home, to the City of Wawa Love.

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that the world’s largest Wawa will open in the Independence Mall area on December 14th. Mark your calendars, people.

In case you’re out of the loop, we first shared the news about the forthcoming giant Wawa in April. The company says the shop at the corner of 6th and Chestnut streets will be a “historic, one-of-a-kind store.”

The Wawa will take up an 11,300-square-foot space inside the beautiful Public Ledger Building. To provide a comparison, the largest currently existing Wawa, which is located at 3300 Market Street on Drexel’s campus, measures 8,760 square feet — and that one feels huge.

Along with regular fare, the new store will offer artisan coffee, specialty baked goods (think: freshly baked baguettes), plenty of seating, greenery and more. Renderings for the store are shockingly hip — it’s certainly not like the Wawas we’re used to, though the company says it will still feel “familiar.”

Rendering courtesy of Wawa

Expect sophisticated aesthetics that “weave together industrial and art deco elements with the warmth of copper and beautiful vaulted ceilings,” the company said in a statement this spring. Plus, you’ll see larger touch screens that “make social media more of a presence in the store” (whatever that means — we can’t wait to see), as well as a mural in collaboration with Mural Arts.

Make no mistake: We’re entering a new age of Wawa, Philly.

This is the age where Wawa collaborates with local breweries to create coffee-flavored craft beer. Where Wawa’s caters your Thanksgiving dinner, where free coffee days turn to free coffee weekends, and where college campuses get their own special Wawa beverages.

Are you ready?

Rendering courtesy of Wawa