Wawa’s New Center City Location Opens With Free Coffee Weekend (Because of Course)

Wawa’s free coffee weekends are apparently a thing now, and we’re really happy about it.

wawa free coffee weekend

Photo courtesy of Wawa

Alert, Wawa coffee lovers (basically everyone): Free coffee is currently flowing at the company’s brand-new location at 12th and Market streets in Center City — and it’s going to continue all weekend long.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s probably because Wawa opened its new University City spot with a free coffee weekend in September. Now that we’ve seen the company’s second free coffee weekend in just a few months, we can confidentially say that they’re sort of a thing. And we’re pretty happy about that.

The new location kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. on Thursday. There was also a hoagie-building competition that raised money to fund the Tour de Shore Children’s foundation, according to CBS3.

“We are thrilled to further our commitment to our hometown by opening another new store in Center City Philadelphia and providing convenience and fresh food options to residents and visitors as the newest member of the thriving East Market community,” Wawa president and CEO Chris Gheysens said in a statement.

Philadelphia magazine’s Brian Howard recently spoke with Gheysens about how “Wawa is us, and we are Wawa.” The president and CEO told us his earliest memories of Wawa; the most challenging part of the company’s expansion into new regions; what it’s like seeing Wawa hoagies appear beside Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live; and how he loses a lot of sleep when he hears people say Wawa hoagies aren’t as good as they used to be. (Gheysens will talk about how Wawa became a Philly icon at our annual ThinkFest event later this month — you don’t want to miss it.)

Anyway, our job here is done. You know about the free coffee. Go forth and get some this weekend. (Oh, and prepare yourselves for the largest-ever Wawa, which is expected to open in Philly later this month. It’s going to be hip and fancy.)