Wawa Will Now Cater Your Thanksgiving Meal

The Gobbler Bar comes with 16 Shorti rolls, two pans of hot turkey in gravy, one pan of mashed potatoes, one pan of stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

wawa catering thanksgiving

Wawa’s Thanksgiving-themed Gobbler options. | Photo via Wawa’s website

Good news for Thanksgiving hosts who agonize every time the holiday rolls around: You can now get your turkey catered by the most beloved convenience store chain in Philadelphia.

Wawa announced its brand-new catering operation this week, and on the menu is the store’s famed Gobbler hoagie — in hot-bar form, of course.

That’s right. Wawa’s 16-person Gobbler bar setup inspired is by the famous Thanksgiving-themed hoagie. The bar includes one box of 16 Shorti rolls, two pans of hot turkey in gravy, one pan of mashed potatoes, one pan of stuffing, and cranberry sauce.


Also available — in case you want to add a little more flavor to your Thanksgiving gathering (or whatever event you want to host) — are Wawa’s meatball bar (meatballs, Shorti rolls, provolone and parmesan cheese) and mac and cheese bar (exactly what it sounds like).

We also can’t forget to mention the Wawa cheesesteak bar, which comes with Shorti rolls, two pans of beef or chicken steak and one container of cheddar cheese sauce and ketchup. (You’ll have to provide your own onions.)

Interested? Drooling? Let’s talk prices. The Gobbler Bar will cost you $124.99; the meatball and cheesesteak bars are going for $99.99 each; and the mac and cheese bar is listed at $49.99. Each serves 16 people.

Some Wawa catering options. | Photo courtesy of Wawa

Right now, Wawa catering is only available in Center City and its immediate surrounding neighborhoods (a spokesperson said this includes neighborhoods between Spring Garden and South Street, as well as University City, South Philly near the stadiums, and the Navy Yard), but the company plans to expand in the future.

“We are thrilled to now be able to offer this Wawa experience right into the homes, offices, and social spaces of our hometown customers with a fully customized experience,” Wawa’s catering and delivery project manager Steve Hackett said in a statement.

The company’s other catering options include breakfast, lunch and snacks. You can order bagel trays, Sizzli boxes, hoagie boxes, soups, soft pretzels, coffee and more. If you’re interested, visit wawacatering.com, where you can choose delivery or pickup, select the event date, time and guest count, and design your menu. Wawa catering associates will help out on the day of your event.

We don’t know about you, but to us Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to test this bad boy out. (Who’s hosting?)