Wawa Is Offering Free Coffee (and a Secret Menu!) for Its 54th Birthday

Our favorite dairy business–turned–convenience store is celebrating on Thursday — but the secret is already out.

free wawa coffee

Free coffee awaits.

Thursday is Wawa Day, and that means free (free!) coffee — plus an added surprise.

To celebrate its 54th birthday on Thursday, Wawa expects to hand more than 2 million cups of joe from its roughly 790 stores across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and Florida. Our favorite convenience store gives out free coffee a lot (which is one of the reasons it’s our favorite). But this year, the company is also offering a little something extra: a secret menu.

To browse the secret menu, customers have to click the flying goose at the bottom left corner of the main screen. (That’s according to videos — we’ve yet to confirm this ourselves.) Wawa is offering two timely treats: the birthday cake smoothie and the birthday cake milkshake.

The company is also celebrating for achieving a goal it set in 2014 (when the first Wawa Day was held): to raise more than $50 million to support causes surrounding “health and hunger and everyday heroes” by 2018.

“Wawa Day is a great day for us to all pause and thank the millions of customers we’ve served over the past 54 years who have made us an integral part of the communities we serve,” said Wawa president and CEO Chris Gheysens. “We could have never done this alone, and thank all of our customers who gave generously to our in-store campaigns and who make everything we do possible. Happy Wawa Day everyone and cheers to you all!”