Did You Lose a Wedding Ring in the Delaware River?

If so, you might want to sit for this.

The ring was found in the Delaware River in Bucks County last Wednesday. | Photograph courtesy of Meredith Caruso

A New Jersey woman found a wedding ring in the Delaware River while tubing in Bucks County last week, and she’s trying to get it back on the rightful finger.

Meredith Caruso told NBC10 she dropped her phone in shallow water and, upon looking down, found the wedding band wedged between two rocks. On it are engravings of two fish and the date 4-26-80.

So, if that’s your anniversary (and you didn’t chuck the ring into the drink years ago in frustration), you’re in luck.

“I know it’s a long shot but would love if this ring found its owner!” Caruso said on Facebook.

In a Facebook message to Philly Mag, Caruso said there are initials etched onto the ring as well, but she is choosing not to disclose them at this point to preclude grifters from claiming it.

Caruso said she has received plenty of leads, but none that share the ring’s particular initials.

Caruso was tubing with Bucks County River Country on Wednesday, July 11th, when she made the fateful find. Daniel Breen, the company’s owner, told NBC10 that participants often lose items, but the last time someone lost a wedding ring was five years ago.

When asked if she’s confident in her search, Caruso said “Absolutely! Everyday [the post’s] averaging about 3,000 shares, and everyone sharing seems as invested as I am in finding the owner.”