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some of the Pennsylvania residents arrested as part of the Capitol riot
City Life

More Pennsylvanians Have Been Arrested for Capitol Riots Than Residents of Any Other State

Pennsylvania is, of course, known for playing a pivotal role in American history. The U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were both written here. […]

Bucks County wedding venues
Philadelphia Wedding

16 Wonderful New Hope and Bucks County Wedding Venues

Only 25 miles from Philly (a little more than an hour by car) sits Bucks County, a pastoral countryside that beckons with its small-town vibes, […]

Bucks County vineyard wedding
Philadelphia Wedding

Our Six Kids Served as Our Wedding Party. Here’s How We Made the Day Special for Everyone

Marriage is the joining of two families, and many couples find unique, personal ways to honor their backgrounds on their Big Day. Wearing an heirloom […]

cosmo dinardo
City Life

The Untold Tale of Cosmo DiNardo’s Descent Into Murder and Madness

In the middle of a murder rampage, Cosmo DiNardo had an appointment to see his psychiatrist. So on the afternoon of July 6, 2017, the […]

nasmaste soiree
Be Well Philly

This Suburban Yoga Studio’s New Private Retreats Let You Get Away Without Traveling

There’s something about getting away from our routines that makes us immediately shrug off stress. After all, that’s why we take vacations, right? To introduce […]

poppy's greengrocer
Be Well Philly

Bucks County Is Getting a Local and Natural Foods Grocery Store

When a city is growing, there are the obvious markers: rising housing prices, more traffic, hipster restaurants popping up on every corner. We’d make the […]

house for sale new hope expanded farmhouse exterior front

On the Market: Expanded 18th-Century Farmhouse Retreat in New Hope

James A. Michener may be the best-known literary figure to have called Bucks County home, but he wasn’t the only one. Long Willow Farm, today’s […]

explosive device unexploded device bucks county david surman
City Life

Bucks County DA Warns of “Unexploded Devices” in Bomb Case

Back in June, police arrested 30-year-old David Surman Jr. in connection with a series of mysterious explosions in Bucks County. Surman, the owner of a Quakertown-based […]


These Are The 5 Most Expensive Rentals in Bucks Right Now

We went into our top-of-the-Bucks-County-rental-market search confident that, as was the case on the Main Line, we’d find some spectacular houses occupying this space. We […]


5 Cool Country Homes for Rent in Bucks

In Bucks County, you can still get away with saying you “live in the country” if you know where to look. Chances are you won’t […]

delaware river
City Life

Swimmers, This Isn’t the Weekend to Cool Off in the Delaware

Remove “taking a dip in the Delaware” from your bucket list for this weekend: Authorities in Bucks County are warning would-be swimmers to steer clear […]

City Life

Did You Lose a Wedding Ring in the Delaware River?

A New Jersey woman found a wedding ring in the Delaware River while tubing in Bucks County last week, and she’s trying to get it […]

City Life

Chemical Company Owner Charged After Bombs Are Found in Home

Authorities in Bucks County have arrested a man who they say is connected to the mysterious explosions that have occurred in the area since April. David Surman […]

City Life

Search Continues for Man Trapped After Gas Station Explosion

Rescue crews resumed their search on Wednesday morning for a missing man believed to be trapped below street level following an unexpected explosion at a […]

bucks county, school shootings, mass shootings, war-zone trauma kits
City Life

Bucks County School District Prepares for Shooting by Stockpiling Trauma Kits

Some school districts have hired security guards. Others have considered arming teachers with guns, rocks and baseball bats. Now, one Bucks County school district says it will prepare for […]