SEPTA Wants to Know Why In the World You Still Use Them

We'll give you a few reasons why Philadelphians hop on public transit.

Photo courtesy of SEPTA.

SEPTA just loves its silly contests, don’t they?

This past spring, Philly’s public transportation authority wanted to know the songs that make you move while commuting to work. Now they’re asking the age-old question that every rider poses to his or herself when first stepping through those dirty metal turnstiles: Why on earth did I do this to myself again?

SEPTA’s “Why Do You SEPTA Philly” contest is seeking the best answers to why residents continue to use their services. The grand prize winner will receive a November Anywhere TrailPass while up to 10 others get SEPTA t-shirts. (I’d rather have the t-shirt, honestly.)

Feel free to submit your own responses, but here are a few of our favorite reasons why Philadelphians opt to take SEPTA:

It’s game day, dummy!

Photo courtesy of SEPTA.

What? You planned on sitting in that abysmal Broad Street traffic before finally pulling into the sports complex with just minutes to spare?

Because I’m an aspiring breakdancer and I need to practice my moves somewhere.


Surge pricing, man. Surge pricing.

Hey, at least SEPTA doesn’t price gouge patrons when it rains.

Because somebody has to buy all those fruit snacks and candy bars from the cute little kids.

Photo by lunanaranja via Stock.

But I don’t care if they’re dinosaur shaped. Five bucks is way too much.

Some asshole stole my bike tires!

And they didn’t even have the common decency to leave my Schwinn on cinder blocks, either…

Because I live in the city and that’s what normal people do.

Photo courtesy of SEPTA.

Seriously, if you’re one of those types who feel above public transportation: What’s wrong with you?

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